Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Surprise

A riot, an explosion, a conflagration of colors;
Spread across the land according to the laws of the Creator.

Brilliant yellows, dark forest greens, gentle pinks, and dazzling whites;
A collage of colors burst forth from the earth.

Every spring, life comes springing up like a colorful jack-in-the-box
With a big stupid grin, silly hat, and surprising you when you least expect it.

Silly, ignorant humans; always being surprised by spring springing
like we’d never seen such a sight before.

Yet if I was never surprised, and maybe even a little bored with the prospect
of the rejuvenation of life every year; would life be worth the living?

Count me among the silly and stupid for if I were to live for a thousand more
years through such beginnings I’d always be amazed at nature’s sudden, sweet surprise.

Chuck Connors, April 11, 2010

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