Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Secrets of the Past

Dark fall days, night falls early
Mountains loom black, against an indigo sky
First star of the evening, twinkles brightly in the west
People scurry home, like squirrels scampering to their nests
Early Christmas decorations, light up the avenues
Window shoppers gaze expectantly, at toys in store windows
Strangers pass in the night, mouthing holiday greetings
Houses in the neighborhoods, cozy and warm
Yet something’s not right, not quite definable
Could it be something else, too dark to share?
Hiding secrets of the past; tortured memories in today.

Chuck Connors, November 18, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pass This Way

Blue, blue farscape,
Wave upon wave of mountains.
What others strode here before me?
Did they marvel at what they saw?

Earth seems so empty,
Trackless forests, fields and hills.
I feel the spirits of the old ones
As they pass this way still.

Chuck Connors, November 21, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Little girl running on the sidewalk, how far from your mother will you go?
Is running a dress rehearsal for adulthood?
Or is it just a game,
Something only a child would know?

Skipping back and forth on the sidewalk
A little further every time
Seems like so much of my life
Has been wasted on song and wine

And when I vacillated so much
Not sure of what to do
Shying away like a young fool
From a lover’s gentle touch

Little girl running away from her mother
So pure and innocent still
All of us running away from something
Things hidden too well from each other

All of us run on the sidewalk
A poignant leave-taking we all must make
Leavings are full of heartbreak
A journey we all must take

Chuck Connors, October 30, 2009

Who You Really Are

Whenever I think of you
It’s always your wonderful eyes
Windows of the soul
Love lights on the world

At times I’ve seen your anger
Flashing eyes, storm clouds and wind
Other times I see the hurt and pain
The past re-played again

Our eyes show our soul-strength
The strength to hold to life itself
A tremendous strength of will
Who of us perseveres, only time will tell?

Through your eyes sometimes I see the joy,
A girl’s heart shining through
Now the loving, caring woman
Someone special and brand new

Chuck Connors, November 8, 2009

Second Life

Past the midnight hour, way into the small hours of the night
I sit staring into the blackness, pondering what’s wrong and what’s right
Should I have grimaced and told the truth, risking all on trust and empathy
Or told sweet lies with a straight face, getting what I want without frippery

No answers come this late, only questions seem to grow
The pain of living hits me hardest when I’m all alone below
My only chance is to help another—someone facing more pain than I
When I give my hope to others—it takes away the lie

And when the sun finally rises, another chance will come my way
Receiving the opportunity, sharing hope for another day
I finally shed my guilt and pain, renewed in heart and form
A second life I’m given, for today I am reborn

Chuck Connors, November 1, 2009