Saturday, January 2, 2010

Early Morning Departure

Driving you to the airport for an early morning departure,
Wind blowing the rain against the wipers of the truck.

Lifting your heavy bag it thumps on the pavement,
Wondering to myself just what you could have packed?

Ducking out of the storm, bursting into the check-in,
Runaway children caught in a moment of time.

Saying my farewells I look into your eyes;
Wishing you a safe journey, Godspeed to your kin.

Sharing one last long, tender hug;
My eyes linger on you, wanting to remember always.

Dazzled by your smile and the blue of your eyes,
The warmth of your body radiates into mine.

Tearing myself away,
I venture out into the dawn.

Trudge to my truck,
Look up at the sky.

Driving away, lost in my musings.
I smell your perfume, the scent of your hair.

Rolling through the storm, staring at the road;
Praying for your safe return; wishing you were here.

Chuck Connors, December 25, 2009

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