Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taking Them Home

Christmas parades all over the land;
High school bands marching down Main Street.
Baton twirlers leaping towards the sky;
Fire engines with flashing lights and blowing sirens.

Pretty girls waving from convertibles;
Fat, laughing Santas throw candy from the floats.
Little children chase after the tossed treats into the street.
Everyone laughing, all are smiling.

Yet back in the shadows, some watch in silence;
Little girls and boys who didn’t make it to Christmas;
Their lives cut short by horrible abuse.
None wants to remember or even to care.

After the parade,
The noises extinguished,
The bright lights darkened,
Families gone away.

An angel floats up the street
All smiles and love.
Embracing the waiting children;
Taking them Home.

Chuck Connors, December 8, 2009

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