Monday, September 21, 2009

Land of Puzzling Tales

What about relations between men and women?
Why is it that we fuss and fight (or worse)?

Do you think it was different in the beginning
when we were running around in fig leaves?

Could it be we’re opposite sides of the same coin;
Human and definitely not perfect also?

Or are we really from different planets;
women from Venus and men from Mars?

We live in a time caught between good and evil,
a strange place seemingly neither here or there.

One day its scream and shout; the next, kiss me darling;
sounds bipolar to me—pretty crazy yeah.

I only know we share a common goal:
the continuation of the human race.

One day we’ll travel out to the planets,
to the stars and maybe beyond.

When that day comes I know one thing won’t have changed.
Men and Women will still live in the land of puzzling tales...

Chuck Connors, September 14, 2009

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