Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Bones of the Hills

The bones of the hills, these ancient rocks,
First laid down untold eons ago

The foundations of the Appalachians, strong and cold
Hidden away from prying eyes, secrets in the earth

These ancient mountains, the backbone of Pangaea
super continent, of the entire world!

The super Appalachians fierce and proud,
stretching to Scotland--all the way to Africa!

Mighty Granite, Schist, Gneiss, Shale, Igneous and Sandstone rocks,
Their weathered forms, what we see today

Ancient volcanoes, continents forming,
Ripping apart, change from a restless earth!

Stretching out on the rocks, in the bright sunlight
Absorbing the warmth, of a summer’s day

From what once were the fires of hell itself
Bones faded and exposed, now only warm to the touch

Chuck Connors, June 30, 2009

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